Job Location
Sports CoordinatorMississauga, ON, Canada
Assistant Food and Beverage ManagerBurnaby, BC, Canada
Cashier (Part Time)Burnaby, BC, Canada
Second Cook (Part Time)Burnaby, BC, Canada
Shift Supervisor - Food & Beverage (Part Time)Burnaby, BC, Canada

Hiring Process

Congratulations you have already started the first step!

Once you have submitted your resume it will be reviewed directly by the hiring manager, to see if it fits the qualifications for the position.

Resumes and cover letters are legal documents and should therefore, be completed with care. Resumes or cover letter that are sloppy, incomplete or use unprofessional language will not be successful in moving on to the interview stage.

We recommend that you read it carefully and check the following

  • The application is filled out completely
  • There are no spelling errors
  • Slang language is not used in responses that leave space for detail
  • Full sentences are used where possible
  • The responses are honest; you will be signing the document 

Before submitting your application ensure you review the Vulnerable Persons/Criminal Background Check section.

Qualified applicants will then move on to a phone interview with the Hiring Manager or the Human Resources Department.

Top applicants will then move on to an in person interview (Salary roles may go through more than one in person interview)

Interview Tips

  • Be on time. Five or ten minutes early is about right!
  • Dress to impress; athletic attire is not recommended.
  • Don't chew gum.
  • Be neat, clean and well groomed.
  • Smile and make eye contact with your Hiring Manager(s).
  • Use a good handshake either at the beginning or end of the interview.
  • Use good posture; slouching does not make a positive impression!
  • Be polite, honest and sincere.
  • Show interest in the job and our company by asking questions
, Canada
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Vulnerable Person Criminal Back Ground Check CANADA

Canlan Ice Sports is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment. This includes an environment safe and free from violent actions, abuse, neglect or possible exposure to improper behaviours.

Organizations who work with children and youth, “vulnerable persons”, require their people (employees, contractors or volunteers) to have a vulnerable persons (criminal) background check. If you have worked with a youth sports organization in the past, you are familiar with this requirement.

In providing reasonable care for our customers, specifically those who may be deemed vulnerable persons, Canlan Ice Sports requires a Vulnerable Sector Police Background Check be performed and clearance letter acquired. Canlan will not engage the services of individuals with improper backgrounds.

Persons need to apply in person at the Police Department where you live. For minors (persons under 18 years of age) must have the permission of the parent or legal guardian. In this case the parent would accompany the youth to the detachment for the purposes of the application. A copy of the “clearance letter” provided by the police, should be provided to the hiring manager when you provide your references. If you have a clearance letter that was issued to you within the last six months, you can supply a copy of that letter. If older than six months, a new one will be needed.